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System Letter

*Principal Service after-sales service system

Princely Service is the exclusive and official representative of the after-sales service of Parvagstar Iranian trading electrical products
(Princely-New Prince), always respects the rights of consumers and if the consumer needs,
According to the laws of the consumer protection organization, it considers itself obliged to provide services.
In order to use the after-sales service, the consumer of the product can go to one of the authorized agents of Princely Service
Refer to your city.
All the electrical products of Parvagstar Iranian Trading include a 24-month warranty, and the sellers are required to put the warranty label on the product box after testing and delivering it to the customer in a safe and complete condition, stamped with the store’s seal and the date of purchase.
*Conditions for using the warranty in Princely Service:
1- Providing the warranty label (on the product box) is required to have the warranty.
2- Warranties that are tampered with, without a valid seal and date of purchase, are not accepted.
(Definition of a valid purchase date: the date should be clear and legible. It should not be distorted. It should match the device’s production date. It should match the appearance of the device and the level of operation of the device.)
3- The buyer is responsible for the safe and complete delivery of the device at the time of purchase.
4- The company is not responsible for the discrepancy between the device’s capabilities and the seller’s description and the shortage of parts and accessories.
5- The service or replacement of parts is based on the judgment of the technical experts of the collection.

* The following items are not included in the warranty:
1- Consumable parts – breakage – damage caused by the environment and transportation – electrical fluctuations and improper use of the device
2-Using the device for miscellaneous tasks or exceeding its capacity
3-Repairing or taking possession of the device by unauthorized persons or centers