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Hair Straightener is a professional hair straightener for wavy styling. If you love straight, silky-smooth hair, then a hair straightener is perfect for you. Thanks to the highest quality Titanium coating Titanium coating, it will not damage your hair unlike other cheap irons. Thanks to very fast heating and powerful technical structure, you can style your hair easily and simply in one stroke ․ With princely Professional Hair Straightener, you can look stylish and beautiful in less time than ever before.


Metal Housing

Global Universal Voltage

4-Gear Taper Lever

Hair Straightener Model PR113AT

1️⃣ Automatic SLEEP mode after 60 minutes

2️⃣ Fast heating and ready to work in 30 seconds

3️⃣fireproof pad

4️⃣ cord length 3 m

5️⃣With ceramic and tourmaline heating plates 

6️⃣ Adjustable temperature up to 230 degrees

Hair Dryer Modes


Gentle heat to ovoid discomfort to sensitive scalps.


Customized settings for personalized hairstyling.


Controlled heat for minimized hair damaged.


Powerful burst of enhanced heat for quick drying.

Hair Straightener Model PR107AT

1️⃣ swivel core

2️⃣ vibration tecnology

3️⃣Temperature adjustment in 7 stages

4️⃣ fireproof pad

5️⃣ Adjustable temperature up to 230 degrees

6️⃣Fast heating and ready to work in 30 seconds

Hair Straightener Model PR185AT

1️⃣ double actiion

2️⃣with tempreture ceramics plate

3️⃣Adjustable temperature from 150 to 230 degrees

4️⃣ Digital Display

5️⃣ Heat insulation

6️⃣ fireproof pad