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Hair Clipper Model PR470AT

1️⃣ LED Indicator light

2️⃣ Stainless steel blade


4️⃣ cord length 3 m

5️⃣Adjusting the speed of the hair cutting motor

6️⃣ Hard and durable ceramic

Hair Dryer Modes


Gentle heat to ovoid discomfort to sensitive scalps.


Customized settings for personalized hairstyling.


Controlled heat for minimized hair damaged.


Powerful burst of enhanced heat for quick drying.

Hair Clipper Model PR467At

✅Italian Design

1️⃣ 2500 MAH battery

2️⃣ using time 5 hours

3️⃣Adjustable movable ceramic blade from 0.8 to 2 mm

4️⃣with shoulder stand base and desktop charging

5️⃣ Adjustable temperature up to 230 degrees

6️⃣Turbo function to increase the speed of cutting hair

Hair Trimmer Model PR447AT

1️⃣ Stainless steel blade

2️⃣POP up trimmer

3️⃣with battery

4️⃣ washable

5️⃣ with holder stand

Hair Clipper Model PR400AT

1️⃣ Facial and Head Hair Cipper

2️⃣lever for setting blade

3️⃣ Strong And Nice Steel body

4️⃣some comb in different size

5️⃣ rechargeble

Hair Clipper Model PR463AT

1️⃣ Facial and Head Hair Cipper

2️⃣ Ergonomic design

3️⃣nice and strong body

4️⃣comb NO 1-3-6 mm

5️⃣travel bag